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For whom?

PARAISO Senior Care Home is a place for the elderly who are seeking tranquility and comfort and whose health condition enables free and independent living. Those who were left...

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Our Residents can be sure that they will be provided with twenty-four-hour care, unusual comfort of life and a chance to participate in many attractive activities. Each of the Residents...

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Admission procedure

Everyone who is interested in living or residing in the PARAISO Senior Care Home in Brenna is requested to read the new Resident admission procedure and the documents attached...

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Nursing Home Paraiso in Brenna

Dear Residents

jadalnia This is the web site of „Paraiso” Senior Care Home in Brenna, where we would like to create a nice, warm and family-like atmosphere for you. So that when sitting either in the privacy of your room or among other residents you could say “I feel almost like at home”.

“Paraiso” Senior Care Home in Brenna has been created with the attention paid to details, so that each of the Residents could find a place for themselves here, staff could offer help and kindness and so that you could start each day with a smile on your face.

“Paraiso” Senior Care Home is a facility intended for adult people who need round-the-clock care due to their age or illness, who cannot function independently, and family or other people are unable to help them. We offer different types of care in order to meet various needs of each of the residents.

jasny pokojWe provide:
1. permanent care – for people who cannot cope on their own at home;
2. temporary care – for those, who would like to stay with us only for a short period of time, however, they can visit us on regular basis;
3. day care – for independent people seeking activity and contact with another person;
4. rehabilitation stays.

The main objective while building and furnishing the home was to create conditions that give maximum comfort in the everyday life and are completely unlikea stay in a hospital facility. The above has been achieved, among other things, thanks to bright rooms, functional bathrooms, open space which guarantees direct access to common areas  

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These include:
- Catering zone: café, kitchen, shop selling basic need products,
- day room,
- recreation zone:  jacuzzi, salt cavern, fitness room,
- courtyard with a fountain,
- a range of paths aroundthe facility among greenery with garden houses, mini pondand walking paths.

There is a chapel within the Home premises, where the service will be held, according to the faith of the Residentss.

“Paraiso” Senior Care Home In Brenna is equipped with monitoring system – corridors and the whole neighbourhood around the facility


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blockquote No one can possess a sunset like the one we saw that evening, he went on. Just as no one can possess an afternoon of rain falling on the window, or the serenity of a sleeping child, or the magical moment when waves crash against the rocks. No one can possess the beautiful things of this Earth, but we can know them and love them.blockquote

                                              /Paulo Coelho/

Our mission

brenna4 The essence of our activity – the mission assumed by the creators of the Senior Care Home in Brenna – is to provide care and accommodation services on the round-the-clock basis – in linewith the needs ofResidents who,in particular due to their age and health condition,cannotliveindependently and family or the close onesare unable to provide them with all the necessary support.