Professional care guaranteed

Our Residents can be sure that they will be provided with twenty-four-hour care, unusual comfort of life and a chance to participate in many attractive activities. Each of the Residents is equally important to us and their dignity and good mood are the most important.




Paraiso Senior Home - professional care

 What we offer.

Professional careSingle, double and triple rooms - depending on a rate;

Food. Professional cooks prepare fresh and tasty dishes for our residents: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, supper for our residents. Meals are prepared under the supervision of a dietitian, as directed by a physician.

General care provided by well-qualified staff;

CareNursing24/7 care provided by well-qualified nurses, administration of medicines prescribed by a physician, basic examinations: measurement of body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level. Our staff helps to arrange specialist medical appointments (when needed);

Medical care provided by a general practitioner. Arranged medical examinations once a week or according to needs. Specialist care is easily accessible in a nearby hospital and a specialist health center.

Comfortable spaceBasic physical rehabilitation – the goal of rehabilitation is to keep our Residents fit. Trainings take place in a rehabilitation room, in a fitness gym, and are selected according to Resident’s needs and abilities.

In our facility, we have equipment for the following therapies:
- PRAGMA – a device that strengthens a muscular system, allows to shape and develop motor skills such as: endurance, limberness, dynamic strength, flexibility, dexterity, eye-hand coordination.
Etius U –   ultrasound therapy (inflammations, treatment of pain syndromes, oedema reduction, tissue healing facilitation, reduction of muscular, tendon and ligament tension), electrotherapy (reduction or even elimination of pain, muscular stimulation, cell metabolism facilitation, resorption of hematomas a
rehabilitation treatmentsnd exudates and the tissue hyperaemia) and phonophoresis (percutaneous administration of medicines with ultrasound waves).
- Laser – anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, speeds up the process of tissue regeneration and resorption of exudates.
- Magnetronic – osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, post-traumatic locomotor system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of respiratory and digestive systems, neurological disorders.
- Local Krio – improves clinical condition and body functioning, has analgesic effect, reduces oedema, relaxes muscles, broadens the range of motion of the joints under treatment, increases muscular strength, reduces the activity of inflammatory processes.
Pedal exerciser,

Medical officesCross trainer,
Run track.
Residents may use the equipment and take up a therapy if agreed and as recommended by a physician.

For those of the Residents, who would like to participate in our group therapy, we offer the following:
ART THERAPY – art techniques, active and passive contact with the works of art;
CHOREOTHERAPY - music and physical classes, improvisation with music;
WORD THERAPY - therapy in the form of conversation, discussion and expression of own thoughts, theatre classes;
MUSIC THERAPY - relaxing and stimulating activities based on listening to the music, singing; 
SILVOTHERAPY - contact with nature, animals, plants;
ERGOTHERAPY – for people interested in gardening;
MOVIE THERAPY - common watching films ended with discussion;
BIBLIOTHERAPY - reading of books and magazines aloud, newspaper editing, poetry club;
SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING - establishing relations, maintaining acquaintances, active listening, assertiveness, conflict solving;
AROMATHERAPY - use of aromas for the purpose of altering mood.

 Moreover, our offer includes:Always a friendly atmosphere
- fitness,
- photography classes,
- computer classes,
- home cinema on Tuesdays,
- karaoke on Wednesdays,
- social gatherings,
- dance parties on Fridays,
- chess tournaments,
- fires and barbecues,
- hiking,
- one-day (included in the price) and two-day (for an additional  charge) coach trips.

 We are also open to consider the proposals made by our Residents.

Swimming pool available to residents

Keeping rooms clean
If possible, our Residents clean their rooms every day (physical therapy). Thorough cleaning is done by our staff. Bedclothes are replaced every two weeks and towels - once a week, or as needed. Daily toilette is assisted by a caregiver, if necessary.

In the PARAISO Senior Care Home in Brenna, the Residents can visit our beauty and hair salon and use its services for an additional cost. At the request of a Resident, we can arrange a visit of a barber, a beautician, a massage therapist or a physiotherapist - extra service for an additional fee.



The facility is richly equipped - a salt cave


blockquote No one can possess a sunset like the one we saw that evening, he went on. Just as no one can possess an afternoon of rain falling on the window, or the serenity of a sleeping child, or the magical moment when waves crash against the rocks. No one can possess the beautiful things of this Earth, but we can know them and love them.blockquote

                                              /Paulo Coelho/

Our mission

Comfortable resort The essence of our activity – the mission assumed by the creators of the Senior Care Home in Brenna – is to provide care and accommodation services on the round-the-clock basis – in linewith the needs ofResidents who,in particular due to their age and health condition,cannotliveindependently and family or the close onesare unable to provide them with all the necessary support.