Rates for accommodation




 Price offer:

- Long-term residenc
  from PLN 4 500.00 /month






















Taking care of an elderly person – our offer


1. Short and long-term stays
The PARAISO Senior Care Home in Brenna offers short-term stay options, useful in sudden and unexpected circumstances, as well as long-term residence with preliminary agreement concluded for a period of one month, so that a Resident would have a chance to get accustomed.

Medical care

The PARAISO Senior Care Home in Brenna provides its residents with medical care and offers assistance in arranging appointments, including transportation of Residents to specialist physicians.

Twenty-four-hour care for seniors

Every day, our staff take care of our Residents, administering prescribed medicines and helping in solving minor and serious daily issues. Our staff members are experienced in caring for the elderly as well as for disabled people.

• No architectural barriers

Our Home is equipped with a lift that allows our Residents to move freely among the floors, independently or with the help of a staff memberi.


In order to satisfy the requirements and provide the best living conditions for our Residents, each room in our Home has a TV set, the Internet, a phone, beds, wardrobes, chairs and a dressing table. Moreover, each room has its private bathroom.

• Tasty and healthy meals; individual diets are taken into consideration

Daily full board consists of 5 meals; hot meals and cold platters are served in a dining room.

Pastoral service

Knowing how important spiritual life is for some of our Residents, we provide pastoral services in our chapel. There is an outdoor chapel on the premises, as well.


We provide physical activities, physiotherapy, massages, group therapy, diagnostics tests, psychological and pastoral care to our Residents.
5 therapy sessions as prescribed by a physician, access to a salt cave, jacuzzi baths and a fitness gym are included in the price.
Our Residents can participate in additional rehabilitations for an additional charge.

Recreation and leisure time

Our Residents have access to green areas, alleys, gazebos, a garden pond and a fountain. In a green area, there is also a barbecue zone. We organize one-day sightseeing, hiking tours and coach trips. We also offer two-day coach trips for those of the Residents, who would like to participate, for an additional charge.

2. Day care
For those of the Residents who would like to stay in our Home during daytime only, without the twenty-four-hour care, we provide the following:
- nurse care,
- general care,
- specialist therapy,
- food and beverages (water, coffee,  tea, home-made fruit drink),
- participation in additional rehabilitation activities for an additional charge,
- participation in organized trips, for an additional charge.

Daily schedule
- Welcome, orientation in reality training, press review, conversations.
- Exercises strengthening memory and concentration, therapy workshops - art classes and handicraft.
- Gymnastics and team games.
- General art and cultural activities that stimulate imagination and improve mood. Activities in the garden, walking for those of the Residents who would like to participate.
- Free time activities, board games, jigsaw puzzles, etc.  The Residents go back to their homes.


blockquote No one can possess a sunset like the one we saw that evening, he went on. Just as no one can possess an afternoon of rain falling on the window, or the serenity of a sleeping child, or the magical moment when waves crash against the rocks. No one can possess the beautiful things of this Earth, but we can know them and love them.blockquote

                                              /Paulo Coelho/

Our mission

Comfortable resort The essence of our activity – the mission assumed by the creators of the Senior Care Home in Brenna – is to provide care and accommodation services on the round-the-clock basis – in linewith the needs ofResidents who,in particular due to their age and health condition,cannotliveindependently and family or the close onesare unable to provide them with all the necessary support.